Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A little exploring with Mini Caroline

Hi, everybody! Today Mini Caroline wanted to go exploring and I took some pics.
I'll just hand it over to her now...

Hello, fans! It's Mini Caroline, exploring the wide, wide world! (Recently I got a pet mouse named Smudge so she will be showing up here too!)

So here I am, ready to explore the huge place known as the front porch!

I walk a little ways then am confronted by a giant wall.

I start climbing...

And climbing...

And climbing...


...I finally reach the top. Wow, I can see so far! I feel like climbing more things. Hmmm, what about that tree over there?

I have to take multiple rests, and me and Smudge take a few tumbles, but we don't give up. 

Almost there...

YEAH! I'M AT THE TOP!!!! (Well, not really, but IT'S AWESOME!!)

Then I climb down and come face to face with a humongous THING.

''Excuse me,'' I say.

Suddenly it attacks Smudge!!

I snatch up Smudge and run for my life.


(Mini Caroline hiding from the thing)

I hope you enjoyed Mini Caroline's adventure! (Better expect more from her.)


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