Thursday, August 25, 2016

At the library-by Carmen

Hi! Sorry it's so late. Carmen will be narrating her very first post, our trip to the library!

 Hi guys! Okay, so when you first go into the library building, you see this huge hall, that makes you feel really tiny.(I had not ever seen anything this big before.)

 Mom took this pic in front of  the new books sign. I think it's pretty cool.

 Paintball was exploring.(and probably thinking, ''Wow! So many things to climb on and chew! Well, I'm sure Carmen won't mind if I look around.'')

 ''I wonder what this is? It looks strange.''

 ''Ahh! Get down, Paintball!''

 ''Bad kitty! Very bad kitty!''

''You better stay here, Paintball.''(As soon as she leaves, Paintball runs away.)

 Samantha taking a little walk with her parasol.



 Annnnd Paintball escapes. Again.

 And also gets stuck.

Here we are at the checkout line.

Sneak peek

I recently made this outfit for Carmen. Can you guess who she is?



Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Secrets-part 2

Hi, everybody! Sorry I'm so late in posting this. On to the next part!:)

 I knew that Aunt Emma hated to be waken up so early in the morning, but I screamed anyway. When I screamed, the turtle stopped glowing.

When I was sure it wasn't shooting sparks or jumping around, I cautiously reached out to touch it.
I took it into my lap and pinched myself hard. ''Ow!'' I yelped. ''Okay, I'm not dreaming. I'd better tell Aunt Emma, maybe she knows what to do.
I  stuffed the gold turtle into my bag and ran downstairs.


''Mel, what is it?''she asked. ''Aunt Emma! The gold turtle, it was glowing!'' Aunt Emma sighed. ''Mel, are you sure you weren't dreaming? ''I know I wasn't dreaming! I...'' ''Mel, that thing couldn't glow. You must have been dreaming.'' And she left.  I thought no one could help me out. Everyone would  think I was crazy. But that's where I was wrong.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

A quick update

I'm sooo sorry I haven't been posting! It's just, I had to go to camp, and when I came back I was really tired and...well, you know. I promise to post the next part of secrets as soon as I get the pictures.(Which will probably be tomorrow.) 




Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Meet the dolls-part 2

You know how I said I'd introduce the other dolls later on? Well,  I will now. All of these dolls either belong to my mom or sister, Lily so I didn't introduce them in the first post. Let the post begin! :)

Hello! I'm Samantha. I love climbing trees, having tea parties and making friends.(I also love puppies!) 

 Hello, everyone. My name's Kirsten. I'm a farm girl, and love ALL animals!(except bears!)  I also like climbing trees, reading, and playing with dolls.

 These are Lily's dolls, Annie and Rosie. Rosie is 6 months old, and Annie is 4.

  Bye for now!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Secrets-part 1

I've decided to start posting a photo story based on,well, magic. These are the characters.
Carmen will be playing Melody Reed,
Samantha will be playing Aunt Emma,
and Kaya will be playing the good fairy Lillian.
(And some action figures as evil fairies.)

My name is Melody Reed. I am an orphan, and I live with my Aunt Emma. The day my life changed was the day my father died.
My mother died when I was born, so I never remembered her. My dad and aunt were my only relatives alive. Dad suddenly came down with cancer and died in a month. I miss him.

When I heard about his death, I was in shock. But when I got up to my room, the shock all melted away.
 I collapsed on my bed and burst into tears.
 My aunt Emma came in and said, ''Mel, I know you are sad, but...''
''Sad is an understatement!!!'' I yelled. ''I'm miserable without Dad!''
 Aunt Emma said quietly '' Your father wanted you to have this,'' and held out a note. 
 I took the note. It read,
''Dear Mel,
get the turtle on the mantelpiece.
It's magic will help you through life.
From, Dad.'' 

 I ran to the mantelpiece and lifted down the gold turtle. It had belonged to my mother.
 ''I need to wash the dishes.'' said my aunt. She gave me a quick smile and left.

 ''Is it really magic? I found myself wondering.''No silly. Magic is NOT real.'' I corrected myself.

''Dad must have been wrong,'' I thought sadly. Exhausted, I lay back down and closed my eyes.

When I opened them again, the turtle was glowing.

Hope you liked that! Next part soon!