Thursday, August 25, 2016

At the library-by Carmen

Hi! Sorry it's so late. Carmen will be narrating her very first post, our trip to the library!

 Hi guys! Okay, so when you first go into the library building, you see this huge hall, that makes you feel really tiny.(I had not ever seen anything this big before.)

 Mom took this pic in front of  the new books sign. I think it's pretty cool.

 Paintball was exploring.(and probably thinking, ''Wow! So many things to climb on and chew! Well, I'm sure Carmen won't mind if I look around.'')

 ''I wonder what this is? It looks strange.''

 ''Ahh! Get down, Paintball!''

 ''Bad kitty! Very bad kitty!''

''You better stay here, Paintball.''(As soon as she leaves, Paintball runs away.)

 Samantha taking a little walk with her parasol.



 Annnnd Paintball escapes. Again.

 And also gets stuck.

Here we are at the checkout line.

Sneak peek

I recently made this outfit for Carmen. Can you guess who she is?




  1. I can guess! I can guess! a desert girl/Rey, that sounds bad, LOL ;)
    Most crazily, ~Olive

  2. Aww, this is so cute, Tory! Is Carmen dressed as Rey?