Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The new girl-a photo story

Hi girls! Okay, I haven't posted in so long, I could kick myself. So my grandpa came over for Christmas, and for my present, he gave me 50 dollars. And of course I said, "Let's go to the American girl store!" I got one thing, and one thing only. I bet you can guess what it is from the title.

I got...

Wait for it...

Keep waiting...

*grins evilly*

Keep on waiting...

Are you ready?


Now for the photo story...

Hi! I'm Julie Albright, as you all know. Mom said I should do a post introducing myself, so here I am! I'm at my new house, and soon I'm going to meet my new sisters!

I walk up to the huge front door.

I knock.

The door is opened by a girl that looks Asian with earrings.

"Hi, I'm Julie," I say. "I think I'm your new sister."

The girl gasps. "Your finally here!" She squeals.

"My name's Carmen." she says, grabbing my hand. 

As Carmen pulls me inside, she says, "You are going to love living here, Julie. Our sisters are so nice, and we live with our cousins too!" "I hope so," I say, squeezing her hand.

We walk into a large room. Three girls are talking together.

"Hi everybody!" Carmen says. "This is Julie, our new sister!"
"I can't believe it!" a dark-skinned girl exclaims. "It's been ages since Mom told us we would be getting a new sister!"

"It's nice to meet you all!" I say, waving.

"It's just so exciting to have you here!" the girl says. "My name is Kaya. Do you mind if I give you a welcome-home hug?"

"Sure, Kaya. I love hugs." I say, extending my arms.

We hug each other tightly.

Yep! I most definitely got Julie Albright! She's just so beautiful, and I love her collection.



Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A little exploring with Mini Caroline

Hi, everybody! Today Mini Caroline wanted to go exploring and I took some pics.
I'll just hand it over to her now...

Hello, fans! It's Mini Caroline, exploring the wide, wide world! (Recently I got a pet mouse named Smudge so she will be showing up here too!)

So here I am, ready to explore the huge place known as the front porch!

I walk a little ways then am confronted by a giant wall.

I start climbing...

And climbing...

And climbing...


...I finally reach the top. Wow, I can see so far! I feel like climbing more things. Hmmm, what about that tree over there?

I have to take multiple rests, and me and Smudge take a few tumbles, but we don't give up. 

Almost there...

YEAH! I'M AT THE TOP!!!! (Well, not really, but IT'S AWESOME!!)

Then I climb down and come face to face with a humongous THING.

''Excuse me,'' I say.

Suddenly it attacks Smudge!!

I snatch up Smudge and run for my life.


(Mini Caroline hiding from the thing)

I hope you enjoyed Mini Caroline's adventure! (Better expect more from her.)