Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving with the dolls

Happy late Thanksgiving! By the way, I'm so sorry I disappeared for like a month. We were pretty busy for a long time. 

So here are the dolls enjoying a thanksgiving picnic. I didn't have a table so we had to make do with a blanket.

Hi! Do you like my new hat? Mom got it for me at the American girl store.

Carmen, I am trying to do a post here.


Hello! I'm Mini Caroline! I-

Stop it.

Hey! I want to talk. Nobody even knows about me yet!

Just stop.


I guess I will introduce Mini Cecile before she interrupts to tell everyone about herself.

Hi! Mom, can I have a cookie?

I don't even have a cookie!

Okay, fine.


This is yummy!

I guess they all felt talkative.