Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Secrets-part 2

Hi, everybody! Sorry I'm so late in posting this. On to the next part!:)

 I knew that Aunt Emma hated to be waken up so early in the morning, but I screamed anyway. When I screamed, the turtle stopped glowing.

When I was sure it wasn't shooting sparks or jumping around, I cautiously reached out to touch it.
I took it into my lap and pinched myself hard. ''Ow!'' I yelped. ''Okay, I'm not dreaming. I'd better tell Aunt Emma, maybe she knows what to do.
I  stuffed the gold turtle into my bag and ran downstairs.


''Mel, what is it?''she asked. ''Aunt Emma! The gold turtle, it was glowing!'' Aunt Emma sighed. ''Mel, are you sure you weren't dreaming? ''I know I wasn't dreaming! I...'' ''Mel, that thing couldn't glow. You must have been dreaming.'' And she left.  I thought no one could help me out. Everyone would  think I was crazy. But that's where I was wrong.

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