Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Secrets-part 1

I've decided to start posting a photo story based on,well, magic. These are the characters.
Carmen will be playing Melody Reed,
Samantha will be playing Aunt Emma,
and Kaya will be playing the good fairy Lillian.
(And some action figures as evil fairies.)

My name is Melody Reed. I am an orphan, and I live with my Aunt Emma. The day my life changed was the day my father died.
My mother died when I was born, so I never remembered her. My dad and aunt were my only relatives alive. Dad suddenly came down with cancer and died in a month. I miss him.

When I heard about his death, I was in shock. But when I got up to my room, the shock all melted away.
 I collapsed on my bed and burst into tears.
 My aunt Emma came in and said, ''Mel, I know you are sad, but...''
''Sad is an understatement!!!'' I yelled. ''I'm miserable without Dad!''
 Aunt Emma said quietly '' Your father wanted you to have this,'' and held out a note. 
 I took the note. It read,
''Dear Mel,
get the turtle on the mantelpiece.
It's magic will help you through life.
From, Dad.'' 

 I ran to the mantelpiece and lifted down the gold turtle. It had belonged to my mother.
 ''I need to wash the dishes.'' said my aunt. She gave me a quick smile and left.

 ''Is it really magic? I found myself wondering.''No silly. Magic is NOT real.'' I corrected myself.

''Dad must have been wrong,'' I thought sadly. Exhausted, I lay back down and closed my eyes.

When I opened them again, the turtle was glowing.

Hope you liked that! Next part soon!